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5 Bays and Production Line

75,000 square foot Workshop

Our extensive workshop is uniquely equipped with;

Variable Height Roof Gantries

Twin 5 Tonne Cranes

One stop shop

Our services include

Box trailers, double-decks are built, serviced, repaired and customized on site.

All electrical, hydraulic and engineering work installed by our experienced team of engineers.

From one off “mock up’s” and concept designs to batch productions; from light fabrications to heavy engineering. Bespoke ‘hand-made’ items and precision engineered builds are produced to the highest standards.

Full Insurance testing inclusive of weld/integrity inspection, pressure test and hose test and repair.

Refurbishments of all aspects of your equipment.

Flow monitor and control equipment installed and calibrated.

Providing cost efficient repairs to keep your fleet and assets earning you money.

Full refurbishments of equipment, chassis or bodywork to keep you looking good and extend work life.

Power take-offs, supply units, compressors and motors all piped and installed to your requirements.

System tests, hose repair and replacements produced onsite.

Framework and brackets fabricated to fit your equipment.  

Modify road tankers to insure legal compliance.

Adapt your equipment to ensure safer working environment for your staff and customize to suit a larger client base.

Chain drive and Keith® Walking Floor systems for automating the loading and unloading of your trailers are built, maintained and serviced on site. All electrical, hydraulic and engineering work installed by our technicians.

Welding and Fabrication Trailers Tanker Modifications Moving Floor Trailers Trailer Builds Road Tankers Hydraulics